Viperay Machines




Do you provide hosting

No, but I can help set up and configure an account with any major hosting company.

I want a website

No problem. I do basic consulting and can help figure out (and then build) exactly the way you want it.

I only want one item

You can order anything you want, from just a case to a full machine. you can allways come back later and get the rest of your gear.

Billing & Pricing

How does the pricing work?

It's based primarily on how many weeks of development it takes, as well as the intensity of the project. I will provide an estimate and time but it could end up costing a little more or less depending on how many revisions are needed or how much tweaking is done.

My system is designed to be simple and scalable so I can focus on design rather than how much needs to be billed. It's hard to predict the future and how a project will go— so I try not to.